aqua ball ● Water is the most important component of our body. Its content in the human body is 60-80% and therefore the quality of this water has a significant impact on the healthy functioning of the body. Loss of pH in the body can cause diseases that are often referred to as "bad metabolism". A sufficient supply of alkaline (basic) water is essential for our everyday life, which, for example, maintains an average blood pH around 7.4. The IPS optimally increases the pH of the water and produces such alkaline water. A great advantage is the ability of the IPS system to ionize water. Ionized water has a different structure than ordinary water. Water molecules aggregate together, with typically 12-18 molecules bound in normal water. This amount is too large for the water to reach through the cell membrane and to be properly absorbed. Only 6 molecules are bound in ionized alkaline water, which makes it much easier to transfer water to cells.


aqua ball


● Relieving skin and rheumatic difficulties
● Alleviation of stomach and intestinal difficulties
● Strengthening metabolism processes
● Strengthening detoxification
● Stabilization of blood circulation
● Positive effect on blood composition
● Accelerate wound healing
● Improving physical and psychological balance
● Reducing weather sensitivity
● Improvement of taste and longer physical freshness



● By water hardness we understand the sum of calcium and magnesium content in water. The waters are lined with limestone and dolomite. Calcium, which forms the main part of water hardness, has no negative effects on human health. On the contrary, from a health point of view, we prefer harder water. It has been statistically proven that fewer cardiovascular diseases occur in areas where drinking water contains a higher concentration of calcium and magnesium.